Wednesday, September 9, 2015

X-Plus Large Monsters Series Godzilla 1995 Review

Godzilla 1995 is X-Plus’ latest entry into the Toho Large Monsters Series line. The debut of this figure was already off to a rough start, as the release date was delayed for a month. Thankfully, Godzilla has arrived and he turned out much better than expected.

Godzilla 1995

Godzilla incorporates many valuable features as expected. The figure has the right skin texture, muscle shapes, fins, and much more. The crafted facial muscles are good, but the skin texture around Godzilla’s nose and lower eye region could’ve been a tad more refined.

To create the burning effect, the torso, neck, thigh, and fin regions were comprised of molded, transparent orange vinyl, which was later painted dark grey with lighter grey highlights. These colors make a perfect combination. Adding more detail to the figure is the white painted fins, beige claws and toes that are layered with dark grey paint, light beige teeth covered with tan, and yellow eyes with orange sclera.

The figure also perfectly depicts Godzilla’s menacing presence on screen. In this case, Godzilla’s stance is neutral, while his tail curls up then down near the tip, and arms that are tucked by the side with those hands slightly rose in the air. His face shows great anger as he roars. All of these details successfully made this figure stand out from the rest.

Godzilla's Height

Size Comparison


Despite a minor nitpick, Godzilla 1995 is fantastic. The sculpting, overall, far exceeded all standards and the paint job is impressive. Furthermore, Godzilla’s static pose successfully captured his mean yet tormenting state observed from the movie.

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