Saturday, September 19, 2015

Transformers Combiner Constructicon Scavenger Review

Please give this guy your undivided attention. The next Constructicon to be reviewed is Scavenger, the least valued member, according to the Decepticons, yet a critical piece to forming the mighty Devastator. Here, Hasbro’s take on this character certainly show how the toy’s likeliness is mostly spot on and the playability is above par.

Vehicle Mode

Scavenger’s vehicle mode is an excavator. The colors also reflect a vintage design, much similar to the other Constructicon members who were reviewed here prior. Scavenger is predominantly green with purple treads, windshield, and windows.  There is also a purple Decepticon insignia located below the windshield.

Scavenger’s design contains all of the essential details. The excavator has molded panel lines, vents, treads, wind shields, tail lights, hydraulic cylinders, an arm, and a bucket. The excavator’s arm has two hinges installed in two different points to give an articulated feature. The tank treads don’t move, but Scavenger is able to roll thanks to the plastic wheels installed underneath.

Robot Mode

Scavenger’s shape in robot mode also feels like a direct reference to the past, but with major modern upgrades. The most notable reference is the design of Scavenger’s torso and legs. The color ratio of green, purple, and other colors also resembles the classic look.

Scavenger does manage to outdo a few of his comrades by being able to hold three of Devastator’s accessories due to a wider port hole. He is able to hold the pair of missile pods, double barreled blaster, and single barreled blaster. However, the (shoulder) are a tad loose, so Scavenger can’t keep his arms up when holding heavy items, like the missile pods. The shoulder joint issue can be easily fixed by coating the ball joint with a thin layer of clear nail polish.

Devastator's Right Arm

In combined mode, Scavenger becomes Devastator’s right arm. The transformation is very easy to complete. The articulated hand piece is made by transforming one of the missile pods.


Scavenger's Height

Size Comparison


Scavenger is a good figure. The physical features of him in vehicle and robot mode are very distinct. His range of articulation is also fun to tinker with, especially when given some of the accessories. In combined mode, Scavenger, as an arm, looks perfect and certainly delivers some great articulation capabilities due to effective engineering. So far, the Constructicons are faring very well.

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