Sunday, March 2, 2014

Y-MSF Gorosaurus (King Kong Escapes) Review

After much speculation and uncertainty, Tempting Toys & Collectibles has introduced Y-MSF's Gorosaurus figure for the first time in America. Although an extra figure wasn't included for a set, as previously announced, Tempting Toys managed to release two different variants of Gorosaurus separately instead. One is the Destroy All Monsters (DAM) version, which has Gorosaurus' mouth open. The other variant is King Kong Escapes (KKE), which is being reviewed here.

Design & Details

Gorosaurus' scales are bumpy and cirular in shape, which spans all over the body without looking too uniform. This sculpt also includes other recognizable details like multiple flabs and creases all over Gorosaurus' body, and those layered segments that begins from the tail, then fades behind the back.

Even the closed mouth, reveals carved fangs and rows of teeth between those lips. One minor complaint is the row of spikes along the spine should've ended further behind the neck.

The dinosaur's neutral stance is also spot on. Gorosaurus stands upright with a slight lean forward, bent knees and arms, limp wrists, and a raised tail.

Paint Job

Gorosaurus is painted in glossy blue-green paint with dark beige highlights on some parts of the body, hands, toes, tail, and spikes. Unfortunately, the beige paint doesn't continue on the tail's spikes. The teeth are painted dark yellow, and the eyes were colored black and white. The colors, though stylized, still remains quite true to Gorosaurus' design.


Size Comparison

Final Thoughts

Y-MSF continues to do a great job in offering an alternative for fans, who are looking for great 6-inch vinyl representations of their favorite kaiju. The design is good and the paint job certainly complements the hand crafted details of this toy. Currently, Tempting Toys have them listed for $65, not including shipping charges. If you're interested, I strongly recommend getting them before they go up in aftermarket prices.


  1. The Gorosaurus is my favorite kaiju because reminds me of my favorite dinosaur, reptile, and animal of all: Tyrannosaurus (which is Greek for "Tyrant Lizard"). And so, I wish that he but off King Kong's hands and finished the rest of that ape off just as I wish that the T Rex would do to Kong.

    1. You're not alone. I was really into dinosaurs, since I was kid. I remember watching King Kong for the first time, and feeling really bummed to see T-Rex lose Kong, let alone dinosaurs playing second string to a giant ape. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. i love gorosaurus because ever scince i stated waching godzilla movies he was my favorote. I wish i had this figure.


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