Sunday, March 23, 2014

Transformers Generations Deluxe Armada Starscream Review

Also included in Generations Wave 2 of the IDW comics theme, is Armada Starscream. Like the name suggests, this version of Starscream is based on his appearance in Transformers Armada, an animated and comic book series that ran from 2002-2004.

Jet Mode

This toy's jet mode does a great job in emulating the actual design featured in the Armada series. The panel lines, integration of translucent plastic and vibrant colors go hand in hand.

The black and grey paint applications, along with the Decepticon signals come off a little glossy, but they do match the natural shine of the plastic. What certainly nailed the superb details of this aircraft are those landing gears and an extra panel that hides Starscream's face underneath the plane. Holding the jet in hand, this aircraft feels very well put together and secure with no floppy parts.

The jet has missile launchers that operate through friction. Simply load the missiles inside each barrel until they lock in place, then push the back forward to fire a projectile.

Robot Mode

Just like the jet mode, Starscream also looks great in robot mode. Potential consumers may be turned off by the missile launchers protruding behind Starscream's shoulders, but the reality is those ports nearly have the same proportions to the actual drawing. One simple solution would be to fold the launchers back then flush them against Starscream's back, to look more like a jet pack. This alteration may not be accurate, but the result will at least add some extra shelf space.

The joints of this figure are quite stiff, which is great news to anyone, who is looking to pose Starscream decently without any fuss. Even the leg joints did not give in to Starscream's weight when bent at an angle.

However, there are a few aspects to the design that aren't perfect. The biggest gripe with this toy is those gaping calves from behind, that isn't concealed in robot mode. The same problem applies with Starscream's forearms, which cheapens the value by just a tad.

Starscream's missile launchers also work in robot mode, and accompanying the projectors is a pair of translucent energon swords that were stored underneath the wings. However, these swords require a little bit of force to peg them in Starscream's hands, so please be careful.


Size Comparison


Armada Starscream definitely has great playability and a pretty good design. However, the large missile launchers and hollowness may be enough to dissatisfy some collectors. With that said, Starscream still seems to be one of the strongest entries of this wave.

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