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Transformers Generations Deluxe Waspinator Review

Waspinator is, more or less, a comic relief of the Transformers franchise. Almost anything, that could possibly go wrong, has happened to this Predacon member, but he still manages to comeback and continue the ongoing war against the Maximals. Waspinator debuted in Wave 3 of the Transformers Generations IDW Deluxe line.

Wasp Mode

Waspinator's wasp mode is almost perfectly executed, so much that deciding which of the two modes to display is very challenging. With the exception of the robot's revealing arms under the wing, the wasp looks very clean with great details and color combinations.

The bug disguise looks quite natural, but there are mechanical elements fused with the technology. Every appendage, body segment, and head are nicely crafted. Waspinator's proportions are great, and those legs, though flexible, are able to support the weight of the bug mode. The wasp mode includes a cool switch gimmick that makes the wings flap when activated.

Majority of the body is colored in three different shades of green, black and yellow abdomen, brown legs, transclucent clear wings and stinger, and light metallic blue eyes. Complementing the assortment of colors is a blue predacon symbol outlined in white.

There are a lot of steps to transform Waspinator into wasp mode, but they are pretty straight-forward and not too complicated. However, be sure to rotate the bug legs at the base during transformation. The joints of those legs are very stiff, and one careless mistake will indeed snap the bug legs in half.

Robot Mode

In robot mode, Waspinator is fabulous in detail. What makes the robot mode very appealing is the inclusion of bug-like appendages and features into this design. The most favored detail is Waspinator's face, which features mandibles, rows of sharp teeth, and light-up eyes. The proportions are fine, but the chest is a little too bulky, and as such, blocks half of Waspinator's face.

There's some kibble that limits the toy's full-range of movement. The most obvious is the set of bug legs attached to Waspinator's arms and calves. Others are the thorax, wings, and abdomen. In all fairness, this figure is based on Waspinator's robot mode with much precision as possible, which includes the exact kibble seen on this toy. A word of caution, those antennas on Waspinator's chest seem quite fragile, and could easily break when not careful.


Waspinator's stinger transforms into a handgun that fits in both hands. Although the weapon has been slightly altered aesthetically, the black and yellow striping match with Waspinator's overall concept.


Size Comparison


Waspinator is a toy suitable for kids and adult collectors alike. The transformation is well though out and intricate, without much difficulty. The design of this toy is quite satisfying to my taste, and I'm sure that others will agree that Waspinator is one of the strongest entries from this wave. Both modes of Waspinator are fun to play with in terms of gimmicks and poseability. This figure is highly recommended.

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