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X-Plus Godzilla 2001 GMK (30 cm) Diamond Reissue Review

This version of Godzilla 2001 is a reissue from X-Plus that was distributed by Diamond Comics. The first run from Japan has been long sold out, and aftermarket prices have drastically increased, due to supply and demand. Thanks to Diamond Comics, fans are given a second chance to own this figure. Godzilla was purchased from

Design & Details

Godzilla is posed hunched over with a wide stance, mouth open, arms slightly raised, and tail lifted in the air, as if he is about to cause some havoc to a nearby village or town. The expression on Godzilla's face also aided X-Plus' intention to convey the monster's scary and chaotic presence in the movie.

The details in Godzilla’s skin texture are very amazing, as there's a blend of various refine patterns spanning all across the body. For example, the chest and abdomen has a squarish pattern similar to crocodiles, the knees are circular and a tad smooth, while everywhere else has grainy etchings. Even the patterns around Godzilla's cheeks are symmetrical and layered like gills, which is really cool!

Besides the skin texture, there are a lot of other great details included in this sculpt. Who could ignore the individually sculpted teeth and fangs, claws, toes, or the set of fins on Godzilla's back? Those fins are nicely crafted, especially those dull tips that curl slightly.

Most of the joints and seams are nicely concealed with a few exceptions. The most obvious seams in sight are those jointed legs at the hip, and tail joint from behind. The back dorsal fins are mostly sealed, but there were a few spots that weren't. However, these flaws don't dampen the enjoyment of this figure at all.

Paint Job

Godzilla’s body is charcoal grey with a bundle of various fine touches. The fins were airbrushed white and grey, the toes and claws were painted glossy white with grayish outlines and brownish gradients. Godzilla’s eyes are a dark shade of pearlish white with some grayish airbrush outlining the outer edges.

The mouth on the other hand, is what some collectors have an issue with. The teeth are painted pale yellow, but the glossy red paint on Godzilla's gums and tongue also coated Godzilla's lower lip. The result looks a little sloppy, and inaccurate to how the Japanese variant was painted. However, with some imagination, one could also pretend that maybe Godzilla's mouth is stained in blood after biting King Ghidorah's neck.

Figure Dimensions


Despite some notable differences in the way this figure was painted compared to the original Japanese release, Diamond's reissue isn't that bad. This figure is a great alternative for fans that have missed the first run, or new collectors looking to buy their first X-Plus toy. If the red-painted mouth is a big issue, a custom paint job will quickly fix that, or skip this one and buy the original Japanese release when they show up somewhere, but for an inflated price. Chances are you won't be disappointed either way.

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