Friday, May 18, 2012

Toy Shack feels like a trip to a toy museum

Since I'm in Vegas, I had to pay a visit to Toy Shack located in Fremont Street Experience. You may be familiar with the owner, Johnny Jimenez, who would often appear in History Channel's Pawn Stars to appraise vintage toys being sold in the pawn shop. Unfortunately, Johnny wasn't here today, but that didn't damper my trip to his store.

I cannot take pictures in the store, but I was amazed by the various assortments of vintage toys. There were Transformers, TMNT, old WWF/WWE figures, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, etc. There was even a small section for Gundam figures and models. Toy Shack featured toys that were current to pieces that dated back to the early 1900s. I literally felt like I took a tour in a small scale toy museum. There were even a few nostalgic arcade games to play. My favorite part of the store was the display of old school Transformer figures behind the viewing window. The inventory of vintage Transformers toys were small, but there was a decent range of figures to look at such as the complete set of G1 Devastator, Power Master Optimus Prime w/ Apex Bomber, and a few Insecticons.

I've read a few consumers complain about the overinflated prices of their toys, but I think that depends on what your looking for. If you know the exact market price for highly collectible vintage stuff, you may have an issue with their prices, but I've seen toys from other genres that go for a decent price too. Even if you don't buy something there is still some great things to see, which might make you feel nostalgic. If you're close by, feel free to visit the store.

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