Wednesday, November 30, 2016

S.H. MonsterArts KOU KYOU KYOKU Godzilla 1989 Review

This figure is the first of its kind. Tamashii Nations have chosen to scale the Godzilla 1989 prototype from a six to eight inch scale and have equipped the toy with light (Kou), sound (Kyou), and music (Kyoku). With all of these features, Godzilla 1989 has moved into a whole new line call “S.H. MonsterArts KOUKYOUKYOKU.”

Godzilla 1989

There’s no doubt that what’s seen on this figure are physical traits of Godzilla 1989 (Biogoji). The body structure, skin texture, fin shape, facial features, and color scheme is tremendous. The stiffness of the joints that are rigged inside Godzilla ranges at all points. However none are too snug or loose, which makes posing very easy.

The paint application is mostly consistent. The fins are painted thin to thick layers of white, Godzilla’s eyes are brown with black pupils, and the fingers and toes are tan with grey gradients. There is a tiny white spot (paint) on Godzilla’s head, but this insignificant issue is most likely unique to this figure only.

Kou Kyou Kyoku

Godzilla 1989 is equipped with lights, sounds, and music all in one. All of these features cannot be done without three LR44 batteries, which are not included with the figure.

To install the batteries, the upper half of Godzilla must be carefully removed from the waist. There is a plastic, cylindrical joint that snaps the upper and lower half of Godzilla together. This joint makes the separation process much easier and keeps the figure efficiently secured.

The figure should play a series of sounds (Godzilla’s roar and atomic breath), lights (Godzilla’s fins and mouth), and background music (Godzilla Title and Godzilla tai Tokushatai) one by one after pressing the fin on the back of Godzilla’s neck. For some reason, this figure is able to only activate lights and sounds, but not music. However, not all figures have the same error. For a complete demo, please click the following link:

When everything is working though, the features should please collectors who truly appreciate them. The sounds of Godzilla’s roar and atomic breath are crisp and clear. The fins light up brightly, but Godzilla’s mouth is a bit dimmer due to the layers of paint and other details inside.


Godzilla's Height

Size Comparison


The strongest appeal comes from Godzilla’s design and articulation. Everything from the sculpted details to choice of colors is excellent. The shape of Godzilla is also tremendous. Although some photos may have shown awkward angles of Godzilla body proportions, the figure actually looks much better in person and pictures at times don’t do this figure justice.

The light up, sound, and music features are an added bonus. However, they can only appeal to people who really enjoy these bonuses, or be accepted by people who don’t mind them at least. Otherwise, these gimmicks can fall short of being compelling enough for some.

If the toy’s physical appearance and articulation is persuading enough, feel free to get this figure. Putting a lot of expectations into the light, sound, and music gimmicks though may not be a good idea.

Extra Photos

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  1. Aw yeah, you managed to get this bad boy! I thought about trying to get him when I first heard him announced, then I looked at the price and said "Whelp, guess not." and that was that, lol.

    It sucks that yours doesn't play music. You could probably message tech support and let them know, they may replace it with one that actually does.

    Also, really? Batteries not included? So not cool.

    I love this Godzilla design, and 1985's the most out of the Heisei era. They're the only two that had that deep, menacing roar that really hammered in how powerful and intimidating Godzilla is, and I love that they went with that roar in the figure.

    Figure looks great, and I love that it's eight inches tall. Only fitting, too.

    Great review, I enjoyed seeing the poses and pictures. Can't wait for your Shin Godzilla review next! Oh, and your YouTube link to the demonstration doesn't work. Just comes up with a 404 Not Found tab.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the review Joesiph! It's been a while since I did one about Godzilla and I'm glad to be doing it again. Thanks for the heads up on the link error and I shall fix it asap. Hope you look forward to Shin Gojira, which will hopefully be done in less than a week.


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