Friday, January 29, 2016

FNF Episode 13: Action Figure Mayhem with The Rave Corner & Al Jawa

Myself and Al Jawa were special guests to this week's episode of Friday Night Frights starring the two main hosts, Killah Kal and Tony Midnite!

Today's episode is called action figure mayhem, where everyone brings their own figures for show and tell. I chose to bring three box sets of S.H. MonsterArts figures from the Heisei era:  Godzilla (Adult Jr./Reborn), SpaceGodzilla, and Battra & Mothra (Larval stage). The episode also features a trailer of the new horror film, "Silent Retreat," by Starko Entertainment, which is already out now!

Check out Wolfhouse808's YouTube page for previous recorded episodes of FNF, as the hosts cover different topics relating to horror and sci-fi!

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