Sunday, February 22, 2015

X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1968 Shounen-Ric Exclusive Reissue

Capitalizing on the release of the Large Monster Series King Ghidorah, X-Plus decided to reissue Godzilla 1968, which is perfect for collectors, who might've missed their chance before or got into this line really late. This reissue is a Shounen-Ric Exclusive that includes an extra Minya figure and jaw piece in the set.

Tail Assembly

Attaching Godzilla's tail into his body were a bit cumbersome. The best approach is to use Rich Eso's technique that involves using a blow dryer to heat the base (hole) of Godzilla's tail located on his body. As you heat the vinyl figure, stick the tail in the freezer to get the vinyl to harden. When the base is soft in squishy, take the tail out of the freezer, then attach that piece in the body.

Godzilla 1968

Godzilla 1968 is one of the best examples of X-Plus' superb craftsmanship. Every detail big or small is absolutely flawless. Like other previously released Godzilla figures, this one is also crafted to simulate some movement through a still pose.

Godzilla's paint job may be simple, but they appropriately draw close attention to the vast amount of textures. His entire body is grey vinyl and the spines have nice brownish beige outlines. Godzilla's teeth, claws, and toes are beige, some sporting wonderful grey gradients.

Alternate Jaw Piece

The Shounen-Ric Exclusive set gives collectors an option to swap Godzilla's facial exceptions through another jaw piece. This extra jaw, when successfully installed, closes Godzilla's mouth. The accessory is molded out of vinyl, and getting the piece in also requires the use of a blow dryer.

Unfortunately, the jaw piece does not close all the way. To fix the problem, some collectors have resorted to tying the mouth closed with a cotton shoe lace or hair band then leaving the figure alone for days.

Extra Minya Figure

Perhaps one of the main highlights of this exclusive set is the inclusion of Minya, a decision that unquestionably brings more enjoyability out of this set. This extra figure never fell short of any expectation.

Minya's details are stunning, from the smooth to bumpy surfaces, mini plate-like patterns, and that distinct looking face. However, those who are peeved of visible seams might be disappointed to see them around Minya's torso, shoulders, and jaw.

This figure has minimum paint applications, where only the eyes, mouth, fingers, toes, and middle line of fins were colored. Although this statement may suggest that this figure is lacking, the truth this toy's resemblance to the actual suit is pretty darn close.

Overall, this inclusion is excellent and justifies the price that Godzilla and Minya went for in market value before reaching the aftermarket.


Size Comparison

King Ghidorah looks pretty good when compared to Godzilla and Minya. Collectors aiming to complete the Destroy All Monsters cast with 25 cm scaling figures will be pleased with the results.


If you're willing to spend quite a penny on this collectible item, chances are you will not be disappointed. Godzilla totally captures the presence he had in Destroy All Monsters and the inclusion of Minya is brilliant. Unfortunately, one will have to go through some extra lengths to completely close Godzilla's mouth, if this option was chosen. Despite a few headaches, this set is still recommended!

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