Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Windcharger Review

Up next in my coverage of the first wave of Legends Class Combiner Wars toys, is Windcharger. Windcharger is a retool of Generations Legends Class Tailgate, but with a new head.

Vehicle Mode

As a vehicle, Windcharger's design is simple, yet effective. This vehicle is properly secured due to the design's efficient use of snap on tabs. The red muscle car is also pretty slick in almost every aspect. The silver painted headlights and hood aren't overbearing, but the silver pins in the center of the front set of wheels throws off the aesthetic.

Robot Mode

There's no way in hiding the fact that Windcharger is 50% kibble. His back, arms, and outer thighs reveals car (mode) remnants.

The good news is Windcharger's colors do feel a bit G1-esque, where his head, chest, and abdomen are grey and silver, while everything else is red. Windcharger also sports some nice detailing in his shin guards, chest, head, and other bits of armor.

The Car Is Also a Chest Plate

Evidently, Windcharger was also designed to be used in some kind of combiner mode. Photos shown on TFW2005 shows Windcharger attached as a chest plate on Optimus Prime. However, Windcharger does not serve as an integral piece to Superion. The pictures can be seen here.



Size Comparison

Because Windcharger is a retool of a Legends Class toy that came out during the Thrilling 30 line, he stands shorter than the newer designs, like Bombshell and Powerglide. Though the sizing is a bit underwhelming, they still look great together.


Windcharger may be the least favored from this line, or possibly just this wave alone. The biggest gripe is definitely his lack of arm movements because of the car kibble. However, the car mode does have some redeeming qualities, and an added feature of becoming a chest plate for a gestalt mode makes this toy a little more important. If you're a completionist, pick this one up, but I wouldn't blame anyone for wavering over this toy at all.

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