Sunday, January 4, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Bombshell Review

Transformers are now shifting away from the IDW comics theme and taking on the new Combiner Wars project. Some of the figures that are creating a bit of a buzz lately, are the new Legends Class toys that are bigger than previous toys from the same size class. Bombshell is one out of four characters in the first wave of Legends Class toys.

Alternate Mode

Bombshell's alternate mode is a rhinoceros beetle. The attention to detail is very well done, and the bug itself isn't gappy, but certainly light in weight.

Bombshell has a nice predominant purple color running from the head to the top of the body. The head is enhanced with a layer of gold paint topped with some silver painted details and sweet Decepticon insignia. Everything else is flat silver, black, and red.

The bug's pose is static and wasn't designed to be quite articulated, except the hinged horn up front. However, all things considered, this issue isn't a big deal at all.

Robot Mode

Bombshell does a great homage to the G1 toy, of course the figure is also loaded with some modern changes. Bombshell's new design has the same G1 color patterns, but his body is less blocky, as some limbs have curvier edges and rounder surface areas. His revised head also borrows the same look from the past.

The new Bombshell doesn't come with a gun. That's because Hasbro has integrated some firearm inside the robot's body. The end of Bombshell's arms are a pair of cannons. A pretty cool integration, yet the sculpted clenched fists kind of throws off the design. Bombshell also seems to be armed with another pair of cannons inside his knees. The barrels don't distract the look of the robot.

Bombshell does have some kibble. Bug legs are seen on his arms and behind the legs, yet considering Bombshell being an Insecticon after all, the extra kibble manage to complement the overall look.

Unfortunately, the robot isn't spared from unsightly gaps. The back of Bombshell's legs are the worst. However, this design couldn't be helped, since the legs have to fold and latch on to each other in order to make the bug mode's abdomen.


For a tiny guy, Hasbro has really maximized Bombshell's body movement, minus the head. However, the toy does include a waist swivel, ball jointed arms, elbows, and legs, and swiveling/bending knees.


Size Comparison

Bombshell stands just slightly taller than IDW Optimus Prime. Bombshell is also much bulkier.


I'm starting to dig the new Legion Class, and if Bombshell is a taste of things to come, the other toys from this class should be enjoyable too. Bombshell is stunning in looks, boasts great color schemes, and is nicely articulated. I highly recommend this figure.

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