Monday, January 19, 2015

Transformers AOE 1 Step Steeljaw Review

I normally avoid 1 Step AOE Transformers toys because transforming figures in only one move isn't fun nor exciting to me. Unfortunately, for fans of Steeljaw, he was only included into this line. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Beast Mode

Steeljaw, a wolf-like beast, was included in Transformers Age of Extinction, along with a pack of exact copies of himself. Together, these pack of wolves were referred as Steeljaws, and they were used as a pack of guard dogs aboard Lockdown's space craft.

The details on this wolf is pretty cool, as this toy feels like a throwback to the Beast Wars or Beast Machine line. The top of Steeljaw's body is covered in layers of sculpted fur, while the bottom half shows some layered armor resembling shrapnel and other sharp objects. The legs follow the same consistency of fur over metal and other components.

The beast only has three points of articulation. Steeljaw's front set of legs rotate due to hinged shoulders, and the tail is also hinged.

Robot Mode

The robot mode's biggest, and perhaps only perk, is just the looks. Steeljaw's sculpted head combines the looks of a humanoid and wolf. The head has hair, nasty dog-like nose, piercing eyes, and sharp wolf fangs. Steeljaw's frame is okay, but the toy has a lot of kibble. Steeljaw's wolf head makes up his chest, while the dog legs and paws remain the same. Of course, what more could be expected from a 1 step changer?

The only points of articulation remaining are those hinged shoulders. The wrists do swivel, but they can get in the way while changing modes and they need to be rotated 90 degrees to become robot hands.


Size Comparison

Steeljaw is a tad small compared to the Dinobots, in beast and robot mode. To the toy's credit though, Steeljaw's colors are different than the Dinobots that will aide this character in standing out from the group.


This toy may not be my cup of tea, but anyone who likes the novelty of One Step Changers, might enjoy Steeljaw. Steeljaw's beast mode is the better looking out of the two, but whatever mode is selected, they toy make great shelf displays.

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