Sunday, January 18, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Powerglide Review

Powerglide is definitely my second most anticipated Legends Class figure from the new Transformer Generations Combiner Wars line. Powerglide, alongside Bombshell, is part of Wave 1.

Airplane Mode

Powerglide's airplane mode leaves a lot to be desired. The tail end is normally completely red. However, the pale grey plastic ruins the consistency that should've covered most of the plane's body.

There are some robot remnants that aren't well disguised either. Powerglide's clenched fists are clearly sticking out under the wings and a hint of his face can be seen from the plane's nose.

The plane isn't completely secured, as Powerglide's ball jointed tail wobbles a tad. Yet, to the toy's credit, the plane doesn't feel too flimsy. The pegs and slots rigged inside the plane keeps the wings and other components pretty secure.

Robot Mode

Powerglide is a very cool looking figure! The G1 colors directly relate to the original cartoon. The red and pale grey plastic were mold injected, but the painted details in Powerglide's eyes, chest, waist, and back added more flair. Very resourceful! What slightly ruins the aesthetics though, is the clipped sprue marks seen on the red plastic. The joints aren't loose, but appropirately snug.

There are some kibble that aren't too distracting. There are some bits of the plane's jet thrusters and fins on Powerglide's legs. The cone shaped head and winged shoulders have always been an integral part of Powerglide's design and is not worth nitpicking about.

Gun Mode

Powerglide serves a bigger purpose than being a standalone figure. He is able to transform himself into a weapon for Deluxe class SkyDive and especially, according to some sources, Superion.

The design reminisce of IDW Legends Class Payload that came with Cosmos. However, this gun has more sculpted features. Besides the double barrel, the gun is equipped with two missile launchers and a scope.



Size Comparison

Powerglide and Bombshell are perfect in scale. Collectors will have fun posing these two guys together, depicting a fight scene.


Powerglide has a lackluster plane mode, but a pretty superb robot mode. In robot mode, the colored, sculpted, and painted details are phenominal. Adding to the fact that Powerglide is somewhat an integral part of Superion's combined mode, as a weapon, only boosts this toy's enjoyability. Consider adding Powerglide to your collection.

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