Monday, December 29, 2014

Transformers AOE Deluxe Slash Review

My review of AOE Dinobots continue, this time being Slash's turn. One source claimed Slash was highly considered to be in Transformers Age of Extinction, but he couldn't make the final cut. This figure was thrown in, likely for the purpose of adding more Dinobots and/or making up for not casting this character in the movie.

Dino Mode

Slash's dino mode is a mechanized Velociraptor covered with lots of sharp knives and shrapnel. For the sake of distinction from other Dinobot members, Hasbro colored Slash teal with some yellow and black parts. Presentation wise, some physical structures of this raptor are correct, but the neon yellow bits create a problem by not looking like sharp blades right off the bat. Those blades are regarded as feathers. Color wise, they make perfect complements, but they just don't quite bring Slash's sneaky, deadly character to life.

The articulated capabilities of this dinosaur are nicely executed. The legs are rigged with ball joins, and those hinged knees allows Slash to change his stance in a reasonable amount of ways. Slash's arms are on ball joints, but the (sculpted) elbows doesn't bend at at, leaving a pretty unnatural pose in some cases.

Robot Mode

Slash's robot mode is just as, if not more confusing than the dino mode. At first glance, this robot mode doesn't look like a knight at all. According to a Hasbro rep, Slash's robot more is actually inspired by a tribal warrior. Though the type of warrior wasn't specified, this statement does explain grass textured skirt in front of Slash's waist.

What's even more unsettling, is the same contrast of colors make Slash look more like a construction worker wearing a hard hat than a warrior.

Like other AOE Dinobots, Slash isn't spared from being kibble free. A pair of Velociraptor arms and dino tail dangles from his shoulders. Half of the rapter's skull makes up the robot's calves.


The feathery bits from Slash's dino arms become a pair of scimitars in robot mode, though they look more like axes. They're nicely sculpted, but again, the color just doesn't work well with this weapon. Due to Slash's dino mode aesthetics, anything yellow is a reminder of feathers.


To the figure's credit, amidst some restrictions, due to Slash's shoulder armor and thigh skirts, a few cool poses were accomplished. A small variety of stances were perfectly executed, and those tight balls joints kept the figure very stable. The robot didn't feel flimsy at all, when some limbs were moved around.


Size Comparison


This figure must be the least favored of all the AOE Dinobots to this date. Slash really looks like an oddball here, because of his overall presentation. The robot mode's level of articulation is a little impressive though, as he could do a few decent poses with his scimitars. Overall, if you need to narrow your choices of AOE toys, pass on this toy and get Strafe, Lockdown, or Drift instead. Unless you're a completionist or a fan of all Dinobots, I can't easily recommend this figure to anyone.

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