Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Diamond (Previews Exclusive) X-Plus 30 cm Godzilla 1989 Review

Frankly, this figure has been haunting me, since I missed my opportunity to buy the Japanese version years ago. Despite my initial positive impression, I couldn't budget enough funds to purchase that figure back then. I lived with my regret, not knowing what the future may hold later. Thankfully, Diamond Distributors obtained an exclusive license to reissue this figure to USA, and the timing could not have been better!

Tail Assembly

For packaging, Godzilla's tail was separated into two pieces. All pieces can be assembled simply by heating the parts with a blow dryer then fitting them together.

Godzilla 1989

The first thing to adore about this figure is Godzilla's unique body expression. X-Plus nailed Godzilla's movie-esque posture that has him standing up straight with his left foot planted forward, and arms remaining neutral on both sides. The fin's size and alignment is perfectly executed also.

From top to bottom, Godzilla has the perfect skin patters. Some are long and grainy looking, while others appear bumpy.

Even Godzilla's body structure is fantastic. This figure brings out the bulky muscles normally seen on Godzilla's chest, waist, thighs, and knees, while the shoulder to neck region also reminisce to how the body suit sometimes sagged on the stunt actor. Great attention to detail!

The most favorite feature of this figure is Godzilla's head sculpt. This figure has that significant sharp pointed head; angry snare, appropriate eye color, and fabulous mouth sculpt that is designed to be slightly articulated. However, leaving the mouth slightly closed will reveal a pretty horrible gap in the neck. Therefore, leaving the mouth open is preferred, as the look is more epic that way.

The stunning paint job does this figure justice. Godzilla's body is charcoal grey. The beige painted details on Godzilla's fins are outstanding. The coat isn't too heavy, or too light, and that same consistency carries on to the tip of his tail. Godzilla's fingers and toes are colored tan with brown gradients, the tongue is colored pink, and teeth sport a coat of glossy beige paint.


Size Comparison

I don't have many X-Plus Godzilla figures in the 30 cm scale, and the GMK version is currently in storage. However, I still have Varan available. Godzilla is taller by 1 1/2 inches, not including Varan's spikes.


This is hands down, one of my most favorite Godzilla figures from X-Plus, and definitely one of the best among my entire collection. I highly recommend everyone to get this figure now, before it's too late. Godzilla 1989 and Gorosaurus are the last two X-Plus reissues contracted to Diamond Comics, and whether Diamond will obtain more X-Plus reissues in the future remains uncertain. If Godzilla and Gorosaurus turn up as the last two figures to make a comeback, at least Diamond set us up for a good run of X-Plus toys.

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