Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transformers Reveal The Shield Voyager Deep Dive Review

Deep Dive is basically a recolored version of the Hunt for the Decepticons Voyager Sea Spray. I'm not sure if this is the same character that was once a submarine and member of the Mini-Con faction in the Cybertron series. If so, this latest incarnation is pretty different in terms of his physical appearance and his new alliance with the Autobots.

Vehicle Mode

Deep Dive's alternate mode is a green and black hover craft with some grey panels. The details of this vehicle is amazing. The air bags and mimicry of heavy duty armor and turbines are fantastic. Deep Dive has a set of four tiny pink wheels underneath the vehicle for mobility. Deep Dive is armed with a pair of two spring loaded harpoon missiles. Each projectile is translucent yellow plastic.

Robot Mode

What's admirable about this toy is Deep Dive's robot mode that closely resembles a scuba diver. Most of the dark colored parts on this toy bears a close resemblance to skin fitted dry scuba suits, and the inclusion of those flippers makes this figure much more aesthetically pleasing. If his diving mode isn't your favorite posing option, you may fold the flippers down underneath Deep Dive's feet.

The sculpt has very little kibble, except for those fan thrusters on Deep Dive's shoulders. His blocky chest, arms, head, and thighs are bulky. However, they are nicely proportioned and eye appealing overall.

The amount of green, grey, and black ratio combines very well, as they give an army soldier vibe. Deep Dive's body is mostly green with grey panels, along with a pair of black oxygen tanks, and black/green flippers. He also wears a silver oxygen mask and yellow goggles rigged with sweet light piping.


Deep Dive comes with the same pair of translucent yellow harpoon missiles that came from his vehicle mode. In this case, they are mounted on Deep Dive's forearms. These weapons still remain nifty and fun to play with.

There's also the option to unpeg the forearm launchers in favor of having Deep Dive hold them in his hands like pistols.


Deep Dive excels in delivering an appropriate amount of articulation. The arm articulation is fantastic, but they are sometimes hindered by those shoulder mounted fans.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison


I actually enjoy Deep Dive's colors on this mode more than Sea Spray. The green and black works better on the hover craft and robot versions because they portray a serious character, who is out to complete missions and other tasks. The overall presentation shows a character, specifically made for missions taking place either underwater or on land. Deep Dive is recommended!

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