Thursday, October 16, 2014

S.H. MonsterArts Toho Ultimate Weapon Set 2 Review

Anyone who missed Tamashii Nation's first weapons set, now has an opportunity to buy this. Toho Ultimate Weapon Set 2 came out the same day as Godzilla Effect 2, with high hopes that collectors would naturally order both at one time, such as this case.


Accompanying Japan's defense forces are two partially damaged buildings. These designs are the same as the ones used in Godzilla Effect 2 kit. One building is wider, but the left part of the roof has been demolished. The other is thinner and has parts of the wall missing. Both pieces have nice crumbling texture and dark grey weathering for added aesthetic.

ASTOL-MB93 Aircrafts, MBAW-93, and MBT-92 Tanks

Tamashii Nations reissued three ASTOL-MB93 aircrafts, four MBAW-93 tanks, and four MBT-92 tanks. They maintain the same design and articulation capabilities (MBAW-93 and MBT-92 tanks only) as the earlier models. However, the green plastic used is much darker, which makes the painted details look better than before, and gives an even glossier look.

ASTOL-MB93 aircrafts also come with the same unique flight stand that has a clear articulated arm to adjust the crafts' height and angle. One obvious change though, is the stand's base that is black with "Gojira" written in japanese surrounded by red splattered patterns.

Super X3

The biggest draw is unquestionably the Super X3 aircraft. Like the Super X2 this plane has swappable parts, so consumers can choose between two different versions. One is the Super X3 without weapons, while the other has the freezer beam and missile cannons showing.

The body is mostly a solid green color with a small amount of paint apps. The windshield is orange, and there's dark metallic grey paint on the wings and front panel. Would be nice to see "SX III" and other inscriptions painted on the sides as well.

The Super X3 can also peg onto a flight stand. A minor inconvenience though, is this set provides only one stand to be shared among all the aircrafts. Unless anyone already has another flight stand around, the Super X3 and ASTOL-MB93 planes can't be airborne at the same time.


For those, who already have the first Toho Weapons and Effects set (from Fall 2011), may not be too thrilled about this one. Most of these pieces are what we already have, and the Super X3 is either a hit or miss, if screen accuracy really matters. At least the colors on these reissued vehicles and aircrafts are much better, and two extra buildings were included. On the other hand, this kit will undoubtedly go well with new collectors and those who missed their opportunity before. If you find this set very nifty, buy one or two, depending how big you want the army to be.

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