Sunday, August 3, 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Cosmos & Payload Review

This review is long overdue. My local Walmart finally stocked these figures on their shelves for the first time. I'm not sure why some Transformers toys can't be stocked immediately following their official release dates. Opinions aside, Cosmos and Payload are part of the new breed of Legends Class toys whose size is more in scale with Cyberverse Commander Class toys. They are around the fifth entry into this new series.


Cosmos is one of the most unique Autobot characters in the Transformers franchise, both in terms of his personality and certainly looks. Cosmos is a green UFO with some yellow striping, yellow thrusters, partially red roof, and blue tinted windows. In terms of details, the space armor on this toy are fabulous, and the inclusion of two grey gun barrels sticking out beneath this UFO really completes the look.

In robot mode, Cosmos maintains a nice appeal with no disproportionate limbs or excessive bulk. The ball joints are mostly tight, but Cosmos' knees and legs are an exception.

Adding on to the wonderful color combination already seen in robot mode, Cosmos' head is painted red with blue eyes and yellow face plate. There is also a red Autobot symbol located on his right bicep.

Cosmos contains great articulation. There are about 12 points of articulated joints. The arms, elbows, legs, and knees are on ball joints. Cosmos' forearms and head are on swivelling joints, whereas the lower knees contain hinges.


Payload's alternate mode is a black and white rocket ship. The duotone colors, though simple, is sufficient enough in paint apps. There is a set of robot arms, head, and chest revealed underneath the space craft, along with a hinge seen on top. Luckily, they are not too distracting.

Payload's robot mode isn't anything special either, but his design looks decent for something so small. The upper chest and face are colored (insert color). There is a satisfying amount of details on this little guy though, especially on his face and chest. The only articulation is his arms that rotate 360 degrees.

As an added incentive, Payload can transform in a double barrel gun for Cosmos to use. The added weight does make Cosmos more top heavy and prone to fall forward. He may also do the splits while attempting a wide stance, because of those loose (leg) ball joints.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison


Considering the price ($10), size, and what they can do, this set is awesome! Cosmos looks really cool in both modes, and Payload certainly adds more joy in the experience. The loose leg joints can get annoying sometimes when attempting some poses, but they aren't big enough to warrant a negative review. If you find this set in stores, I do recommend buying them. The figures are fun to play with and they make nice little display pieces.

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