Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TMNT (movie) The Shredder Review

The thought of Playmates still producing TMNT figures to this day, is certainly admiring. In more than a decade later, Playmates still upholds their services by creating a separate line of TMNT figures inspired by the latest movie. I can't say I'm anticipating this flick, nor am I willing to go see it, unless someone dragged me into it. However, this particular figure was compelling enough to buy. Bear in mind, this review was made before viewing the movie, so there may be some faulty assumptions about the on-screen character based on what's presented on this toy.

Design & Details

This new take on Shredder mostly borrows his ninjitsu origins, judging from the notable armor, knives, and helmet. However, the figure also shows signs that this new Shredder could also be part cyborg, if he isn't wearing a metal suit like Iron Man. Shredder's lower half of his body looks all mechanical. The sculpted metal bracing, robot knees, gears, and pistons look rather cool.

Shredder's revised weaponry introduces the same design from before, but with a twist. The familiar group of forearm blades are present, but they're also combined with a set of three sharp knives extending past the wrists. The entire weaponry is mounted on metal arm braces that fits snuggly around Shredder's arms. The mechanical arms are able to bend with the elbow through a swivelling joint. These details undoubtedly pay homage to Shredder's evil and menacing presence.

The worst part of this figure is Shredder's head sculpt. First off, the eyes or lack there of. His eyes are nothing but two eye empty eye sockets with a dab of black paint on the bottom of each cavity. Did this villain have his soul slightly devoured by Shang Tsung or Imhotep? What's even more strange is the shadow casting from those eye sockets seems to naturally emulate a cold snare when looked at from afar.

Shredder's sculpted face shield is supposed to look like rows of sharp teeth, but the carvings isn't refined enough to even tell. The end result looks like mush.


Shredder's cape is made out of a soft, flexible type of plastic, and is also removable due to two pegging tabs on the top. The cape has diamond patterns on them and serrated blade edges. Getting a nick from those sharp objects would really suck, if this cape is real.

The blades and arm brace can be popped off, but that will only reveal how scrawny those arms are without them. Keeping them attached at all times is recommended.

Paint Job

Shredder's presentation relies more on the default colors of different molded plastic parts than paint applications. His entire armor is one out of two different shades of flat grey. The helmet is also two shades of grey, but with a silver painted lid. The front flap has silver coloring already mixed in flexible, rubbery plastic.


Figure Specs


Shredder may not be perfect, but he gives off some great novelty for a $10 toy. The sculpting is mediocre and the paint apps are lacking, but his articulation is nicely executed for something so limited in budget. Overall, this toy feels like a decent shelf display, and something kids would certainly love to play with.

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