Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bandai Museum Godzilla 1962 Review

This review is a real treat. I've always been a fan of Bandai Museum's daikaiju related figures, since X-Plus was contracted to do the sculpts. With much luck, I scored a Godzilla '62 figure for a pretty good price. Now that another figure is off my want list, let's move on to the review.

Design & Details

Godzilla 1962, in and of itself, is one of the most unique variations of this guy. His appearance is unquestionably one that almost every fan can identify immediately. Bandai Museum gave Godzilla that particular long, but fat head with (slightly) wandering eyes, perfect skin texture, creases, and flab. This figure also duplicated the built of Godzilla’s body suit that appeared much baggier and bulkier compared to previous incarnations. This Godzilla also has three toes instead of four, a trait that has been carried on throughout the Showa era. There are so many little details incorporated on this sculpt that truly boasts, why a lot of collectors are happy with this figure.

The most admirable part of this figure is Godzilla's fixed, but unique pose. Godzilla hunches forward with his arms bent in, like gorilla arms, and his tail is slightly raised in the air. The stance is quite timid, but more importantly, captures how intense Godzilla was, especially when he encountered King Kong for the first time.

Paint Job

Godzilla is molded out of matte grey vinyl. Those fins were colored white overlapped with an airbrush coat of grey. The white toes and claws has some kind of weird greyish-brown mash near the base. Godzilla's mouth is painted brown, and his teeth are mostly white some grey and brown shades on them.

Unfortunately, there are some rub marks on the fins, claws, and toes that resulted from the way this figure was shipped. The minor damage is not a big problem, since these figure always run the risk of paint rubs during shipping.


Figure Specs

Size Comparison


Before X-Plus began their launch of 23 cm and 30 cm series Showa figures on a regular basis, there were plenty of their earliest work that were ahead of it's time, this particular figure being one of them. The sculpt is flawless, has a menacing pose, and is painted perfectly. This figure is highly recommended.

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