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Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2014 & M.U.T.O (Male) Review

Bandai thankfully brought their Movie Monster Series line back once more, and included in this series is Godzilla (2014) and one of his opponents, the male M.U.T.O. Collectors are uncertain if Bandai will continue the Movie Monster Series and release a female M.U.T.O. figure or other Daikaiju in years to come. For now, we get to enjoy what was given.

Godzilla (2014)

Bandai's take on the new Godzilla comes with a great opportunity, but also with some limits. Godzilla has wonderful crocodile like skin patterns, textured jagged fins, an appropriate amount of wrinkles, and gills on his neck. He also sports proper thigh and upper chest build with scrawny arms.

Godzilla is molded out of soft grey vinyl painted with lighter grey highlights on the chest, lower waist region, inner thighs, toes, and claws. Godzilla's left foot was painted sloppily. The inner toe isn't fully coated and some grey paint smeared beneath Godzilla's foot.

His eyes are gold with black pupils and mouth weren't painted whatsoever. The biggest peeve is definitely Godzilla's white teeth that looks like a set of fake dentures. If only there were some kind of management to not make Godzilla's sharp teeth look that way.

Godzilla's Tag

M.U.T.O. (Male)

Bandai's (Male) M.U.T.O. is, without question, an answer to what American fans have wanted. There hasn't been a M.U.T.O. figure produced in a bigger scale as this. This move comes with both satisfaction and disappointment, because the female M.U.T.O. wasn't included in this series.

The six inch scale M.U.T.O. seems to be same as the small scale, Destruction Pack, version but with some extra stuff added on. The overall, mold looks really bland in skin texture. Yet, the male M.U.T.O.'s on screen design didn't really have bumpy or rough exterior to begin with. Most of the body has smooth surfaces, but the most sculpted details are located in M.U.T.O.'s face and chest. M.U.T.O.'s face has his mouth, jaw, cheeks, and eyes fairly crafted. The torso has sculpted muscle tissue.

Sadly, this figure suffers from showing way too many seams in the sculpt. There are four on the wings and one in M.U.T.O.'s waist.

The paint job is simply black vinyl with orange highlights on those front legs and eyes. The motive, though not screen accurate, was to make this M.U.T.O. look more appealing. The monster's eyes were certainly orange, but his body was just one solid color.

M.U.T.O. (Male) Tag


Figure Specs

Size Comparison


Given that these figures are mass produced soft vinyl toys with affordable prices, expecting some constraints from a perfect sculpt and paint job is understandable. Godzilla delivers some great details and adequate paint job. The M.U.T.O. figure is also appealing in his own right. Both figures are initially 1500 yen a piece (roughly $15 US), but are quickly doubling in price in the secondary market like eBay. Online stores in Japan, like Hobby Link Japan and Ami Ami has some of their items on backorder, but there might be a chance to buy these figures for fair market price. If you like the classic 6 inch vinyl series Bandai has produced in the past, this set may be for you.

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