Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Unknown Mothra Model

I found this cool looking Mothra (larva) on eBay a while ago for a pretty good price, but I'm not sure exactly where this model is from.

This version of Mothra is based on a scene from either Mothra vs. Godzilla or Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster. The model was casted as one solid piece of plastic, much thicker and harder than vinyl. Mothra contains some great detail, a wonderful blend of brown and tan paint, and goldish green eyes. Mothra's body somewhat curves to the left, and the head is slightly raised.

The mysterious part of this model is there aren't any markings or branding of the company to be seen. I'm pretty sure that Mothra was included in some kind of a diorama set. Given the size of Mothra (6 1/8 inches), there's no way this Kaiju would've been sold separately.

Despite the mystery, this piece was still a cool find. The fact that there are no immediate traces left by the manufacturer, makes this model a little more unique.

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