Monday, December 23, 2013

Bandai (USA) King Caesar Review

Bandai USA released wave seven of their 6.5 inch vinyl figures earlier this year. The figure that stood out of all the rest, among collectors, was King Caesar, which was recreated in an entire new mold. Consumers, who missed the first production of King Caesar, are given a chance to own this mold once again in another wave, which comes with a new Godzilla 60th anniversary branded cardboard backing.

Design & Details

Bandai USA actually did a pretty good job in crafting this figure. A lot of the key essential traits are there, such as the layered skin patterns, fur scattered on different parts of King Caesar's body, huge paws and a nicely detailed head. He is missing some fur on the outer sides of his wrists, and inner thigh area.

The way King Caesar's head was sculpted, is quite impressive. The nose and teeth are perfect, so are the crown-crested eyebrows and forehead. Even the droopy ears aren't completely covered in fur, which has been an error with Bandai Japan's mold.

Paint Job

The paint job leaves a lot to be desired. King Caesar's entire body is molded out of soft brown vinyl, painted with light tan fur, orange eyes with black pupils, and a teal gem on the forehead. The black shadowing on this figure is terrible. The overall presentation looks as if someone spilled black paint on this toy, then wiped the surface with a dry towel. Perhaps this execution was meant to bring out the details of King Caesar, but the result is rather messy.


King Caesar has pretty good range of articulation for a vinyl toy. The arms swivel at the forearms, waist rotates 360 degrees, tail rotates 360 degrees, and the legs rotate at the hip.

Size Comparison

Unfortunately, MechaGodzilla and Godzilla '74 are not in hand for a proper size comparison. What is available is Bandai Japan's Godzilla '68 figure. King Caesar is a tad taller than Godzilla 1968.


Bandai USA did a good job on this figure in terms of sculpt and details. The paint job is okay, but the splat of black looks very sloppy.  If you don't mind the flaws, this toy may be for you.

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