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X-Plus Toho 30cm Series SpaceGodzilla Figure Review

I honestly do not follow the X-Plus figure line as closely as other collectors. However, I was quickly persuaded to buy this figure the moment I saw the promotional images. SpaceGodzilla is the most recent (Godzilla-related) entry in the X-Plus Toho 30cm line. After taking him out of the box, I quickly realized that although there are mostly positive aspects of this figure, a few deficiencies will have to be taken with a grain of salt.

 photo TheFigureKaijucopy_zps5881f7fc.jpg

SpaceGodzilla, for the most part, offers everything a fan could ask for in an X-Plus vinyl toy. The sculpt and details are utterly fantastic. One immediate critique some fans have made about SpaceGodzilla is that he is a tad chunkier than he should be. After reviewing some behind the scenes shots, these concerns are quite reasonable, considering the suit of SpaceGodzilla didn't have thighs and waist that thick in the movie. Yet in this case, SpaceGodzilla's extra weight actually made the figure compelling enough to buy.

SpaceGodzilla is covered with an ample amount of marvelous detail, such as the layers of muscle and tissue fused with Godzilla skin texture and crystal-like appendages. Even the cavity around SpaceGodzilla's gut has a bumpy texture.

The best details are on SpaceGodzilla's head, which sports a mean, aggressive expression. Those tusks and rows of teeth are individually sculpted. The crest, pointed brow muscles, ears, and spikes are also spot on.

X-Plus has provided SpaceGodzilla with a realistic paint job. SpaceGodzilla is blue fused with some shades of black. This figure also has:
  • The chest, abdomen, and neck painted red.
  • The tusks, teeth, claws, and toes colored white with some gradients of blue fused at the base.
  • A pair shoulder crystals that are made out of soft, white vinyl with and has some light shades of blue and red at the base.
  • A set of crystal-shaped fins, than run from the back of the neck to the tail, that are pearl white with some light shades of silver.
  • Crystals at the tip of SpaceGodzilla's tail that are painted white.

Although X-Plus' SpaceGodzilla seems flawless, there are a few issues on this toy that brought some concerns and disappointing results.

First, is the decision by X-Plus to use really thin, soft vinyl to make the end of SpaceGodzilla's tail and crystal-shaped fins. The fins look great, but this material seems a bit frail and these concerns grow even bigger at the possibility of the vinyl fraying in the long run. Could these parts remain in tact decades from now?

Second, to make matters a little more worse, one of SpaceGodzilla's large back fin (second fin from the middle column) is very loose at the base, as if there wasn't enough glue applied during assembly. The fin isn't fully secured to SpaceGodzilla's back and it has already been in this condition before the toy was taken out of the box. Any sort of overexerted force will likely break the crystal off from SpaceGodzilla's back.

 photo Dimensionscopy_zps03720005.jpg

 photo SizeComparisoncopy_zps44ac0022.jpg

To give you an idea just how gargantuan SpaceGodzilla is, here he is compared with Bandai's large scale Godzilla (1991). They stand at just around the same size.

 photo FinalThoughtscopy_zps83b6489b.jpg

Before X-Plus' edition of SpaceGodzilla, I only had Bandai Ultimate Monster's version and the S.H. MonsterArts form. With that said, X-Plus SpaceGodzilla easily fulfilled all of my expectations in a proper realistic vinyl figure.

Compared to the standards of previous X-Plus figures, SpaceGodzilla does suffer from a few designer choices that could challenge this toy's superior quality. The really squishy crystal fins and tail-end of SpaceGodzilla could be prone to some serious damage if some levels of care is not given. I was unfortunate to have a fin partially separated at the base from SpaceGodzilla's back because that piece wasn't properly glued. A little adhesive should fix the problem.

On the other hand, these flaws are easily foreshadowed by the outstanding design and paint apps. The expressive pose is perfectly fitting and the huge size easily makes this toy very eye catching. In the end, I'd still encourage anyone to buy this toy before SpaceGodzilla marks up for a ridiculous price online.

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