Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Latest Collection Haul From Anime Jungle!

I was in Los Angeles this past weekend to attend Infinite's first US tour in the Nokia Theater. Every time I visit LA, Anime Jungle is always included into one of my destinations.

Anime Jungle has expanded, since I last been there. There is now a buyback counter (a place to sell your unwanted Japanese toys) in the back of the store. The DVD selection counter has been rearranged to the center of the store. There is also a section for manga books on the right side after the main entrance.

With these added changes, the Godzilla figure selections were not downsized. In fact they are about the same as before, except they were moved towards the back-right corner of the store.

This time around, I managed to haul a great assortment of stuff. I picked up UltraSeven (the series) on DVD and an X-Plus 25cm Anguirus 1968 figure. I wanted 25cm scaled Anguirus for a long time, but I failed to buy him when he first came out over a year ago. Anime Jungle may have priced Anguirus a little high, but the cost was in fact, much cheaper than what sellers are asking for on eBay.

Although there aren't any immediate plans to publish a review both of these items any time soon, I will eventually cover them sometime in the future.

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