Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kabaya's Fortress Maximus DX (Final) Review

Before, I have reviewed each base out of the three separately, but now I will review all three bases fully assembled into Fortress Maximus.

As a small scaled candy toy, this version of Fortress Maximus captures most of the fun that came with the original toy. The most notable is this toy's ability to change into:  City mode, battlestation mode, and robot mode.

 photo AlternateModescopy_zps19017474.jpg

In city mode, Fortress Maximus mostly got all the details down. The three separate gimmicks that came with the three separate bases still work, which definitely raise the appeal of this toy.

The three gimmicks include:

1.  A lever mechanism that pushes Charger down the ramp.

2.  A rotating knob in the left tower.

3.  A spring loaded mechanism that launch Power Glide down the ramp.

Fortress Maximus is also changes into battle station mode. In this mode, all of the guns are adjustable to rotate at any angle. Only one gimmick still works in this mode, which is the car ramp.

 photo RobotModecopy_zps67d4f737.jpg

Out of all three modes, the robot mode is the most favorable. All of the physical, aesthetic traits normally seen on the original, gigantic toy has been conveniently shrunk to a Voyager class size model. The colors go hand in hand, the stickers make the model far more appealing, and the extra bits of detail are very much appreciated.

The downside to this toy is the limitations that came with this production. The candy toy set does not include Gasket and Grommet, a pair of robots that were normally stored in Fortress Maximus' feet. Instead, Powerglide and Charger take their places. Besides Fortress, Powerglide and Charger are a nice addition, and they certainly add more to FM's purpose as a city, or a battle station.

 photo Articulationcopy_zps3354e894.jpg

 photo SizeComparisoncopy_zps48b2ec42.jpg

 photo FinalThoughtscopy_zpsea82e5e2.jpg

I think peaugh (toy reviewer on YouTube) said it best, "It's all the fun of Fort Max, without busting your shelf space." Although Gasket and Grommet are missing, this set is still fun to play with. Powerglide and Charger are a decent substitute, and the extra gimmicks are just icing on the cake. However, none of the bonuses match up to FM's robot mode. The details, colors, transformation, and articulation are mostly the same to the large scale toy. All of Fort Max's weapons are included as well. However, I still felt like half of the fun was building the model fresh off the sprues.

I fully recommend this set, especially those who'd love to own Fort Max, but in a voyager class size. Remember that you have to buy three individual sets to complete Fortress Maximus.

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