Thursday, May 23, 2013

CCP Mothra Vs Godzilla Variant

In a previous post, I reviewed CCP's original Mothra Vs Godzilla figure. I also have a variant of the same mold here. Here is a short review.

Like other Kaiju toy makers, CCP (Character Contents Production) reused the same mold of the original Mothra Vs Godzilla figure, to reissue other variants with different color schemes. This particular figure was part of the Artistic Monsters Collection series and was released in 2010.

For this version, the entire figure was painted differently. Godzilla is now in a lighter shade of gray with silver highlights. Godzilla's body is made to come off more glossy than the matte finish we've seen before. Mothra also had a complete color change. It is now a light orange-ish base with green and silver highlights spanned along the top of the body. The fixed pose of this figure is mostly similar to the original version, except the tail on this variant does not curve that much.


Unfortunately the joints are a little more restricted on this variant. The only pieces that can move are Godzilla's head, legs, and half of Mothra's body.

Overall, I kinda dig Godzilla's alternative look because I've seen these two tone colors used before on one of Bandai's Godzilla figures before. However, I cannot say the same for Mothra. It is just a little too vibrant for my taste, but all my gripes go away when I only focus on Godzilla. If you're a collector that loves to see Godzilla in various non traditional colors, this could be a great buy for you.


  1. Howdy!
    I managed to come across the glow in the dark variant.
    Super detailed. I'm in love with it!
    Is there anything you can tell me about it?
    online searches yield no results, I can't even find pictures!

    1. Hi Andrew!

      Please tell me more about your figure? Does yours come with an LED light inside? If so, I think the figure you have is called “Mothra vs Godzilla Bright Version!” by CCP, and was available for a limited number, though I’m not sure exactly how many pieces were made. The figure is a reproduction of the original mold, but has been stylized for collectors, especially in Japan, who love vibrant colors or variety.


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