Friday, January 18, 2013

Hobby Link Japan Brings Back an Old Favorite!

I'll be honest...the Gundam Series is still relatively new to me. I did see Gundam Wing on Toonami a long time ago and have seen their toys and models all over local anime toy stores, but have never taken the time to fully indulge in it. I just wasn't a giant robot fan from the start because my preference went to giant creatures, including dinosaurs (love of dinosaurs + Godzilla = fan for life!). However, I do appreciate giant robot shows as well for being so different to my usual tastes.

When I lived in a college dorm with my friend, one of the most interesting things he introduced me to was Mobile Fighter G Gundam. What stood out was the stereotypes in the show, which I found hilariously amusing. How should I feel when the Gundam representing my country (Neo America) sports a football helmet and shoulder pads, and is piloted by a famous boxer?

Tangent aside, I accidentally came across a cool Gundam model based from the show that I couldn't resist:  Bandai's 1/144 Devil Gundam aka Dark Gundam! Devil Gundam was IMO the coolest Gundam from that series, and I didn't know that a 1/144 scale model was made before, which is perfect for a newbie like me. What made me want this kit was the fact that Dark Gundam's mobile fighter mode could transform into mobile armor mode, then back again. I don't think I'll continue collecting other Gundams after this, so this model will be perfect.

This particular model was very rare and expensive once, but the prices have gone down probably because Bandai re-issued that model a lot of times. HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) will have these models restocked in February, but is already accepting orders for 800 yen (about $9) a piece plus shipping charges.

You can check out HLJ's listing by clicking the link here:

I also plan to document my Gundam building progress here in the future. Until then, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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