Sunday, January 27, 2013

Godzilla 50th Anniversary Box Set's Godzilla 1984 Figure Review

Bandai's Godzilla 50th Anniversary Box Set is one of the most popular figure sets to this date, because the bundle included every Godzilla suit interpretation on six inch figures. Perhaps the figure that received the most praise could have been Godzilla 1984. This collectible item is the most accurate figure Bandai has made based on the Godzilla '84 suit. There was a toy made before in the late 80's that was released alongside the standard 8 inch series, but the problem was that the first version of Godzilla '84 not only stood 6 inches, but the overall look wasn't that good either. So, let's see why Memorial Box version is praised by many!

The Figure:  As expected, this figure has a great design with some fine points of detail. The head was sculpted so well, it closely mimics more to Godzilla's '84 suit, rather than the heavily criticized animatronic head.

One of the most critical traits that makes the '84 version distinguishable from the rest is that the largest fin is positioned on the mid-lower half of Godzilla's back. Here, the Godzilla '84 figure does have that too, and the direction of the spinal tips may fool people into thinking that the spines are on backwards, which is not the case.

This toy also satisfies the criteria of other important minuscule details including Godzilla's various scaly patterns, flab, and wrinkles. In terms of color, Bandai's picks were mostly effective. The figure is molded out of soft vinyl that is dark charcoal grey in color. The teeth, claws, toes, back spines, and highlights are tan, while the smaller spines on Godzilla's tail are silver. Such combinations are passable, but they also look strange, considering other Godzilla figures before this one one often had the same color running down the back. The only exceptions were some variants of Godzilla's burning and meltdown phases, which was necessary. Limiting the fins on the back and tail to one color would have been preferred.

Another minor problem is the tan paint have nearly covered all of Godzilla's spines. If only the paint was mostly applied on the edges of the larger spines like Godzilla '62, '64, and '67 because that could work better.

Figure Specs:


Final Thoughts:  Amidst my reservations against the paint job, Bandai's Memorial Box Godzilla 84 figure is still undeniably awesome! The toy was wonderfully sculpted with tons of detail and my minor complaint about the paint job doesn't significantly depreciate the true value of this item at all. This figure is highly recommended!


  1. Nice review, you have a great looking Blog over here my friend.

    1. Thanks a lot One Shot! You're welcome back anytime!

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  3. I really would love to get my hands on this figure, I wish it wasn't so rare, it is a new figure. Its not like it was made 30 years ago. Awesome review though and I hope that one day Ill be able to track him down

    1. I know what you mean Jim. Godzilla ’84 is perhaps the most popular figure from the Memorial Box set; probably because Bandai’s first attempt left a lot to be desired. Don’t give up, because I’ve seen these figures pop up on eBay for a reasonable price. Thanks for dropping by and take care!


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