Friday, September 23, 2011

Godzilla Pachinko Machine By Newgin

What?! A Godzilla pachinko game?! That's right everyone! Newgin created a pachinko game based on the popular monster Godzilla (Millenium version) along with his co-stars including Rodan (Millenium version), Anguirus (Millenium version), Gigan (Millennium version), and King Ghidorah. Okay before I get criticized for posting old news, I should point out that this game was released around late summer of 2010.

I am not sure exactly how this game interacts with the story (if there is one), but the cool feature on this game is a combination of animated and exclusive live action fight scenes for this game only. There are also spectacular light displays and all kinds of moving, shaking internal components. I didn't play a pachinko game before, so I'd love to try this one first!

The official website of this game can be found here:

Video credit:  Uploaded video was provided by SANSHIMA


  1. I happen to own this and it ROCKS it may be a 1.5 year old post but I Just found it! :-)

    1. That is sweet! Congrats on your find. I'd love to play the game if given the chance.


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