Monday, September 19, 2016

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Shin Gojira (Godzilla 2016) Review

This figure of Godzilla 2016, from the new movie "Shin Gojira" aka "Shin Godzilla," is manufactured by Banpresto and have been sculpted by Yuji Sakai. Obtaining this figure was through winning a lottery and only a couple thousand figures were made.

Shin Gojira

This figure sports one of the most intricate designs of Godzilla (2016) to this date. The scarred, bumpy, and wrinkly exterior is tremendous. The focus put on even the toes and smaller spiky features placed on the feet are very impressive. Godzilla’s teeth, fins, and tail were also sculpted very nicely. The fusion of flesh and skeletal matter in crucial spots were done just right.

The design of Godzilla is also complemented by a great paint job. The entire figure is casted in red vinyl, but has been painted dark grey to capture Godzilla’s red glowing effect seen through some parts of his body. The teeth, claws, and toes are yellow. Those eyes are white with black pupils.

There may be a few bits of the design that could be a peeve to some. Most of the weight is contained in Godzilla’s tail (base) and the figure’s stability is focused on Godzilla’s left leg. The result causes Godzilla to lean on that leg, and there is a slim chance that the figure could tip on its left side if nudged. There’s also a seam that runs along the corner of Godzilla’s jaw and the back of his head. That seam looks a bit unsightly at a few angles only.

Shin Gojira's Size

Size Comparison


Banpresto’s Shin Gojira is a great addition to anyone’s collection. The details and paint job are absolutely stunning and his size is as tall as an X-Plus 25 cm Godzilla 1968 figure.

The biggest challenge though is getting this figure for a comfortable price from a secondary market to this day and possibly the future. Because these figures were made in limited numbers and were only distributed through a lottery of selected stores, the remaining Shin Gojira figures on sale at various websites went way up in price. Basically, collectors have no choice but to observe the price fluctuations and pick one that is subjectively reasonable. Once a collector reaches a comfortable cost, this figure just might be worth it.

Extra Photos

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  1. Not sure how I missed this review, but I've seen it now. I love the Shin Godzilla design, even if there's a few issues I have with it, and this encompasses all the good things I like about it.

    His colouring is fantastic and gives off a burnt feel to it, and it makes him both terrifying and sympathetic at the same time. It's a shame this figure's availability is so limited, and the price range isn't kind, I'd love to own it.

    As it stands though, I'm probably going to have more luck buying SHMA's figure, or NECA's once it comes out, lol.

    1. This figure is one of the best representations of Shin Gojira so far. I honestly didn't think the prices would've dramatically increase to where it is today.

      I do have the SHMA figure preordered and am waiting for more updates about NECA's version.

  2. Excellent shots, it was a great idea casting this in red vinyl; gives off the right feeling of a charcoal Godzilla. Great looking figure, but that tail must be murder on the shelf XD

  3. Excellent shots, it was a great idea casting this in red vinyl; gives off the right feeling of a charcoal Godzilla. Great looking figure, but that tail must be murder on the shelf XD

    1. Hi CMR! You couldn't be any more correct about Godzilla’s tail. Due to the physical structure of this figure, it does stand alongside my X-Plus figures. At least the figure isn't too wide, which is sort of an even trade-off. Glad to hear you enjoyed the pics!


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