Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Previews Exclusive X-Plus 30 cm Titanosaurus Review

Titanosaurs appeared in only one film, which was titled “Terror of Mechagodzilla” in the US, “MechaGodzilla's Counterattack” in Japan. The Previews Exclusive X-Plus 30 cm Titanosaurus 1975 figure is a reissue of the Japanese version, which debuted in 2012. This reissue was released in the US in April 2016.


Titanosaurus looks great in detail. The physical structure seems spot on, such as the bumpy, amphibious like skin texture, aquatic fins, face sculpt, and many more. The material, though thicker than the conventional density of cheaper soft vinyl figures, actually makes the figure feel quite light in weight and not as dense as the other X-Plus figures. This is probably attributed to other kaiju models having much more layers and texture put into their intricate design resulting in the vinyl casting being much thicker and heavier than Titanosaurus.

Titanosaurus’ paint is alright, but a bit inconsistent. His skin is layers of red and orange paint covered with blotches of yellow tones and black bumps.  The yellow blotches are a little thick in a few areas and should’ve spread out a bit more on the surface. His neck, chest, and layers of abdominal v-shaped armor that runs down to the tail are painted beige.

The claws and toes are off-white that fades into light red. Titanosaurs’ head contains silver antennas, gold eyes with black pupils, black nostrils, white teeth, and red snake-like tongue. The black paint filling in the cracks of the pectoral muscles seems a bit off on this figure, despite the good intentions.

The fins are not transparent like the actual suit. They were instead painted pale yellow with orange gradients and light orange veins.

Titanosaurus' Height

Size Comparison


Despite some criticisms, this figure remains as one of the best representations of Titanosaurus that was mass produced. The design and scaling is done quite well, and as much as the color accuracy seems kind of lackluster, there’s still a subtle amount that leaves a sense of satisfaction.

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