Wednesday, May 11, 2016

X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 (Train Biter Monochrome Ver.) Review

Toho 30cm Series: Godzilla 1954 (Train Biter Monochrome Ver.) certainly grabbed a lot of attention, since X-Plus announced this version of Godzilla to be included into the 30 cm line this year. Created and sculpted by Ryu Oyama, this figure is very captivating in person than what is seen in the photos. This review is for the standard version and not the Shounen-Ric exclusive.

Unboxing Video

A quick rundown of the process taken to assemble Godzilla was filmed prior to this review. The video is available below.

Godzilla 1954 (Train Biter Monochrome Ver.)

This figure has a lot going on in creativity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although the figure mostly resembles concept art inspired by the film and one particular movie photo, this piece happens to, intentionally or not, refer to different types of props used during the film.

The entire figure is inspired by a black and white movie photo of Godzilla (maquette version) biting one end of a train set, while grasping the other end with his left hand. Yet Godzilla’s build, along with the flabby and wrinkly skin, shows similarities to the suit used in the movie. In addition, upon glancing at Godzilla’s face up front, it kind of looks like the prop that was used during the scene, where Godzilla was revealed for the first time as he towered over the mountains.

On an interesting side note, the style put into making the texture of Godzilla's skin looks very familiar. Turns out the sculptor of this design, Ryu Oyama, has also created the model of the Gigantic (Burning) Godzilla 1995, which was also released by X-Plus on August 2014.

One of the train carts (middle cab) was packed separately, and as such, must be attached manually. The accessory looks great. However, the tabs don’t quite fit in perfectly on both ends. Thankfully, the slight issue doesn’t stick out so much, nor does it fall off so easily either.

The monochrome color scheme is comprised of different tones of grey throughout all of Godzilla’s body to pay homage to his look in the original film, which is very clever. Even his eyes are light grey with no pupils. Because of the fabulous execution, Godzilla matches perfectly with dark backdrops, whether on display or in front of a camera.

Godzilla's Height

Size Comparison


Sculptor, Ryu Oyama, utilized a very clever take of a classic Kaiju. The result is a figure that effectively stands out of the rest. The figure boasts great presentation and appropriate color scheme. This is definitely one of the most favorite pieces of the collection.

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  1. Damn, this is a nice figure. Definitely one I want to add to my collection. I've always loved the more feral looking design that Godzilla might have had from the concept art. Always made him look more terrifying, and wrong.

    1. Although Godzilla may be mostly known for most of the Showa era, where he was quite kid friendly, I too have appreciated the evil and terrifying versions of Godzilla just as much. This figure does a great job in keeping that creepy and scary tone, and that face with grey eyes is hard to ignore.


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