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Takara Transformers MP-29 Destron Laserwave Review

Takara recently added a Masterpiece figure that most collectors have wanted to see, since this series has started. The newest entry into the Transformers Masterpiece line is MP-29 Destron Laserwave, also known as Shockwave!

For the sake of being technical due to the official name that is printed on the box, Shockwave will be referred as Destron Laserwave or Laserwave for this review.

Installing the Batteries

MP Laserwave is equipped with two different battery compartments for two different light-up gimmicks. One requires a pair of AAA batteries which is needed for Laserwave’s Cybertronian handgun mode, while the other compartment needs two LR44 batteries for Laserwave’s robot mode. A small Phillips head screwdriver, size 1, is needed for both installations.

Alternate Mode

Destron Laserwave’s alternate mode is his recognizable Cybertronian handgun mode. Surprisingly, this figure came in a slimmer box than most Masterpiece figures of that same scale. Turns out, Destron Laserwave was able to fit in a slimmer box simply because he was already transformed into gun mode prior to being packed inside the plastic shell.

The cable arrived detached and must be reattached to two different port holes to complete the look. The cable isn’t actually a wire covered in a plastic or rubber sleeve. Rather, the material is a coiled spring that easily contours to just about any shape. Although the choices of the material aren’t conventional, the effect is very well done, and is easily overlooked in no time. Hidden inside the coil, is a thick piece of string that prevents the cable from being pulled and stretched too far. Of course, this kind of stress test shouldn’t be advised at home.

The design is very cool, as a lot of key details weren’t skipped. The Cybertronian handgun even has the clear target scope on the back that can be angled due to a hinge. Complementing Laserwave’s gun mode is a clear and purple stand that will keep the gun standing on its handle. Not only does the look capture the imagination, but the figure is also quite functional in terms of having a workable gun trigger.

Sizing wise, Laserwave is nicely scaled when held in hand. The AAA battery compartment emits two different light-up settings at the end of the barrel, which is controlled by a switch. When the switch is down, the purple light will pulsate in a limited sequence when the trigger is pulled once. When the switch is up, the purple light will be on for as long as the trigger is down.

Robot Mode

There’s no question that Destron Laserwave looks absolutely stunning in robot mode and the light shade of purple resembles the G1 cartoon very well. Collectors are welcomed to add more pizzazz to the figure by applying Decepticon stickers on areas like Laserwave’s forearms. The crafted details are spectacular, as Laserwave boasts multiple panel lines, clear transparent chest piece, accurate head sculpt, and much more! Laserwave’s eye glows due to light-piping.

Two LR44 batteries need to be inserted in another compartment that is located in Laserwave’s left forearm. Pushing the button on the side will make a purple light pulse in a limited sequence in Laserwave’s gun arm. The light display looks best when the translucent purple gun barrel is used.

After completing the transformation process, Laserwave would be left with remnants of his gun mode exposed on his back, like a backpack. Collectors are free to keep the look as is, but those who prefer a more accurate G1 look, have the option to cover the piece with the same stand used for Laserwave’s gun mode. This addition effectively completes the look.

There are a few things that could be improved on this toy. The hip joints that allow Laserwave’s legs to sway sideways are a tad loose and becomes a bit of a problem when trying to pose him in different stances. Hopefully, this little setbacks are unique to this case and isn’t common to many.


Destron Laserwave comes with a backpack cover stand, smaller Laserwave in Cybertronian handgun mode only, set of non-transparent hands (pair of fists and saluting right hand), set of purple translucent hands (right fist, saluting right hand, and left gun barrel hand), cable, instruction sheet, sticker sheet, and Shockwave collector card.

The extra left fist is for collectors, who prefer Laserwave to have a set two regular hands.  The saluting hand piece is pretty cool, but they do serve only one purpose, unless people do intend on having Laserwave give a judo chop to his opponent. However, the salute does look great at the right angle. If the light lavender color isn’t working out, they can be swapped in favor of the clear purple hand pieces.

The small Cybertronian handgun fits securely into Laserwave’s hand due to a tab sticking out of the handle. The tabbing feature also allows this weapon to be carried by any other Decepticon figure that has slots inside their palms.

Laserwave's Articulation

Takara did their absolute best to maximize Laserwave’s articulated capabilities that are suitable for this line. One such measure included an articulated swivel and abdominal crunch in Laserwave’s waist. Although the idea was great, the movement of this joint is heavily restricted by Laserwave’s backpack. Other than that, everything else worked splendidly.

Laserwave's Height

Size Comparison


There are a few issues to work with, but the figure is still solid overall. The look of Laserwave is great, articulation is mostly effective, accessories are well received, and light-up gimmicks are a nice addition. However, the joints are a bit loose on the hips and the backpack limits the movement Laserwave can get out of his waist. Regardless, this figure does feel worthy of being in the Masterpiece line.

Extra Photos

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