Sunday, April 10, 2016

Previews Exclusive X-Plus 30 cm Gigan '72 Review

Previews Exclusive Gigan ’72 is a reissue of the original run that came out in 2010. This particular version is based on Gigan’s debut in “Godzilla vs. Gigan.”


As a normal procedure from X-Plus, Gigan’s tail was separated in order to pack the figure inside the box. People are required to heat up the base of the tail with a blow dryer, until the material is soft enough to be plugged back into the figure.

There have been a few instances, where collectors have reported that at least one of Gigan’s fins was curved due to the packaging and other elements involved during the shipping process. However, the curved fins can be straightened out by heating them with a blow dryer.

When packed inside the plastic shell, Gigan’s arms are not raised as high as what is indicated on the box. Rather, they are pointing down. The shoulders are not glued at the seams, and as such must be rotated to position Gigan’s arms the way it should be. The arms and the legs are the only points of articulation on Gigan, but they are limited.

Gigan '72

The overall look of this figure certainly meets a lot of reasonable expectations. There were a lot of key details that were nailed down, such as the transparent red visor that has a colony of round bumps inside, mandibles, individually sculpted teeth, spikes that extend outside of every fin, layered scales, all four limbs, buzz saw-like teeth that run vertically across Gigan’s torso, and so on. Basically, what you see is a product that shows a great likeliness to the Kaiju onscreen.

Gigan’s pose is rather neutral in this case. Both feet are planted evenly with both arms raised slightly higher. Although the look may seem boring to some, the pose seems to mimic Gigan’s stance when he activated the buzz saw to keep Anguirus at bay as Godzilla was being subdued by Godzilla Tower’s laser beams.

The color choices are also very stunning! The entire body is green, while the scales were painted gold. The spikes, beak, (hook) hands, feet and tip of Gigan’s tail were painted silver. Gigan’s fins were painted yellow with some green paint applied at the base. The jewel on Gigan’s forehead was painted red, his gums and tongue were colored pink, and the set of teeth are white.

Gigan's Height

Size Comparison

Gigan seems to scale alright with the other figures on hand. However, some collectors have reported that Gigan is a tad short, especially when compared to X-Plus' 30 cm Godzilla '68 figure. Unfortunately a confirmation could not be made here, as a Godzilla '68 wasn't present for this review.


Gigan manages to excel in so many aspects. The details on Gigan are splendid and the color scheme do not disappoint. If scaling is really important, Gigan's height may be lacking by a slim margin. However, when overlooking this issue, the 30 cm Gigan should still make a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

Extra Photos

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  1. Decent figure. The eye really catches the attention His head and neck look a bit wonky to me. Could just be the angle they sculpted it.

    1. I could be responsible for that. Taking photos of Gigan at his best angles was quite challenging for this review because he looks great in person and the pictures here probably didn’t do this figure justice.

      There will be more X-Plus figure reviews ahead. I look forward to catching up with you again!


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