Monday, September 1, 2014

HGBF 1/144 Beargguy III (SAN) Review

Beargguy III (SAN) model kit is unique enough to compel me in adding this model to my collection, despite my usual tastes in models and figures. Beargguy III is featured from the Gundam Build Fighters series, and was modeled and created by China Kousaka. The mobile suit creatively utilized battle effective offense to go with a cute sense of personality.

Design & Details

Beargguy is far from being the most complex mobile suit in existence. The suit is just a mechanized teddy bear armed with specialized weapons inside like cannons, extendable arms, and even cotton stuffing. The mobile suit's armor has smooth, round surfaces and is less geometric, in shape, than other Gundams. For what's already presented, there's still enough details that deviates a mobile suit from a common stuffed toy.

One unique feature of Beargguy III is his LCD eyes, which are basically video screens that electronically display various eye expressions. Bandai provides these features in the form of stickers, but the consumer is left with very little to work with.

My biggest gripe is the option of switching between only two optional eye expressions, out of eight possible choices, because Bandai provided just two alternative face plates. Allowing at least four various eye displays would've been better.

For this model, Beargguy's common pitiful eye gaze was picked along with his dark, angry snare, moments before displaying another expression.


Beargguy III came with two red laser beam effects that can be pegged in his paws and mouth. At some angles, these laser beams bear some resemblance to lightsabers.

The ribbon striker does nothing, besides adding another decorative piece on this model. On a positive note, however, the ribbon can be swapped for various armaments and equipment.

Beargguy III also has the option to display his extended arm attack by snapping on longer, segmented extensions. They're pretty cool for what they are, but snapping and pulling apart the extension pieces were quite cumbersome.


The only annoying part of Beargguy's articulation is his shoulders that contain a half spherical layer of armor that just slides around as the arms move. Aside from that, Beargguy's range of articulation doesn't lack that much. His leg articulation is the most impressive.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison

So far, NG 1/144 Devil Gundam is the only completed model I have for comparison. Bearguy III is the second model I have ever completed. They stand around the same height.


Beargguy III will likely appeal to people, who enjoy all sorts of cute concepts or is looking for something completely different from the norm. The articulation is great, but the accessories and other extras feel lackluster. However, for the price and novelty this model goes for, such a temptation was proven to be so hard to resist.

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