Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transformers Generations Metroplex Review

Generations Metroplex was one of, if not the biggest headlining toy of 2013. Not only was Metroplex the first entry into Hasbro's Titan Class, but this behemoth is the biggest transformer today, standing 2 feet tall, and is equipped with lights and sounds. Big thanks to my close friend for bringing this big guy in for the review.

Vehicle Mode

One out of two alternate modes of Metroplex is this vehicle mode, and the most preferred. This vehicle mode features a huge two-way runway and heavily armed command center on wheels. There's also a little crane rigged inside the runway for decorative reasons, as there's nothing for the claw to grab and transport.

When taking Metroplex out for the first time, this particular mode requires a lot of attention prior to set up because the vehicle requires a lot of stickers to be applied, which enhances the details. The labor alone will cost you around 30 to 45 minutes, if you want to stickers applied very carefully. However, the result is definitely worth the effort.

The toy is very well sculpted and the stickers only enhance the really impressive details. The runway has a nice rough texture that simulates asphalt, accompanied by a helicopter landing pad painted yellow, lots of guns, and a red cannon armed with one spring loaded missile. Don't underestimate the sheer size of this toy, as the length of this mode was tough to capture with the entire background that is 3 3/4 feet long.


An addition to this set's playability is the inclusion of Autobot Scamper. Scamper is around the size of Legendary Class figures of today. For a little guy, this toy has a good amount of details, color schemes, and articulation. In addition, Scamper interacts with Metroplex's multiple modes just fine.

City Mode

The transformation to city mode is quite easy to follow. Although this mode is cool to have as another option, the results certainly feels like a weaker entry out of the two alternate modes.

The city mode has ramps and roads for Autobots to use while in vehicle mode, but the set isn't built well enough to have the entire setup be fully functional. The ramp coming down from Metroplex's chest extends to one of the lower pathways at an awkward angle that restricts a vehicle from rolling down the path smoothly, if not at all.

However, the city is still equipped with hand cannons/guns and another helipad, but bigger. Most importantly, smaller Autobots look natural, while commuting through the city's multiple pathways and platforms. Therefore, the playability isn't completely lost.

Robot Mode 

The final, and best mode of this toy is Metroplex's robot mode. Although the figure mostly looks bare, in reality, there is a large amount of white paint applications that blends really well with the stock white plastic. The mechanical details of this mode certainly doesn't lack also, there are many cool industrial components on display that aren't bland or unpleasant whatsoever. Metroplex also has the option to put his visor on, by tilting his head forward, for added aesthetics and a throwback to the old comic version.

Metroplex feels solid, well put together, with little worry about some parts breaking, unless someone chucks this massive robot around on purpose. The joints are mostly rigged with ratchet and swivelling joints that are sturdy enough to support Metroplex' weight, while achieving some range of poseability. However, the added weight in the calves and feet can cause the legs to collapse, while attempting to keep them angled forward.

Fans wanting more accessories, will be pleased to know that the guns initially mounted on Metroplex's shoulders can be removed, then pegged in the palms of both hands. Also, a pair of double A batteries will activate Metroplex's lights and sounds gimmick every time the canopy on the chest is pressed. Toggling a red lever sticking out the back of Metroplex's head (inside the helmet) will move the eye balls side to side, which can only be seen while the lights and sounds gimmick is running.


Metroplex is just darn right fun to have. This toy features alternate modes that smaller Autobots could interact with, and a bot kicking robot mode that packs a lot of punch. Think of Metroplex as a playset/epic robot combo of sheer awesomeness. There's no doubt in my mind that this set will only go up in value, so snag one up while the aftermarket prices are still low.

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