Saturday, January 18, 2014

Devil Gundam Creation Part 3: It's Finally Over!

As reported in the past two articles (Part 1 and Part 2), there was a lot of work to be done, including correcting some errors that needed some extra attention. Now that everything has been fixed, the mobile suit is getting close to completion.

Devil Gundam's waist was the first completed component. I kept the original color, but inked some panels, added some cool Gundam decals and default stickers for some added flare, and then sealed it with a flat matte finish.

Devil Gundam's left leg was painted in black and white, decorated with some decals, and sealed with a matte top coat. The arms were kept in their original color, inked, covered in decals, and sealed with a matte top coat.

I took a long hiatus during the middle of my progress, due to other priorities. I continued this project because the unfinished pieces were collecting dust and I really wanted to see this model completed. There was a lot of catching up to do, but as soon as I drafted up a plan, everything seemed to go by much smoothly than before.

Right Leg (fully assembled).
Some pieces that have been top coated with a matte finish.
Shoulders (fully assembled).
Back panel and waist.
Waist (fully assembled).
Feet (fully assembled).
Upper chest (fully assembled).
Devil Gundam's head.
Devil Gundam's spines.
Legs (fully assembled).

The hands were the last pieces that completed Devil Gundam. I encountered my very last problem during this process, as the mechanical hands, I previously prepaired, got ruined by milky white residue from the matte finish. I painted the whole hand black, then top coated them again.

I also painted and top coated Devil Gundam's default hands black as a backup, if something happens to the mechanical hands.

Through a lot of frustrations and patience, my very first Gundam model is finally complete! By tallying the time I invested into this model, not including my hiatus, it took me about two months to complete this project. Most of Devil Gundam's parts were repainted, and the only pieces that kept it's original color were the arms and head. Some parts were also decorated with water slide decals, prior to being sealed with a matte top coat.

Here's a list of painting supplies that I have used:

  • Krylon Fusion Glossy Blue, Yellow, and Satin Black.
  • Design Master Flat Black and Glossy red.
  • Krylon Matte Finish.
  • Rust-Oleum Plastic Primer (White).
For my next blog post, I will share some photos of Devil Gundam (fully assembled) accompanied with a short review.

 photo DevilGundamBannercopy_zps2bfd7bc7.jpg

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