Sunday, February 19, 2012

Relive HUSTLE on YouTube

Pro-wrestling in Japan have been commonly known as "strong style" to wrestling fans. Japanese promotions always delivered matches that were mostly action with very little or no melodrama. That is until Nobuhiko Takada managed HUSTLE.

HUSTLE was an industry experiment to market the "entertainment" side of pro-wrestling that WWE is currently promoting right now. What we got, in my opinion, is some of the most interesting stories shown throughout HUSTLE's hey day! This promotion featured some characters that were animated and fun to watch. There were also wrestlers performing as their normal selves too.

The main and basic story behind HUSTLE is the babyfaces (HUSTLE Faction) defends this industry against the heels (MONSTER Faction) that try to do the opposite. The MONSTER Faction was led by Generalissimo Takada, whose uniform bears a similar appearance to M. Bison.

I should warn you that HUSTLE is by no means a promotion that delivers pure strong style, athleticism, or any sorts of realism. This company focuses more on caricatures and story lines that are so blatantly over the top, it's funny. If you can accept the product for what it is, you'd enjoy HUSTLE too.

So where can you watch some of HUSTLE's matches? I've got some great news for you! HustleFightingOpera is currently posting HUSTLE's entire events on YouTube in chronological order, starting from the beginning. The uploader is also asking some volunteers who are interested in fan subbing these events for those who can't understand Japanese.

The following shows (in it's entirety) have been posted so far (CLICK ON THE LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO):




Follow and subscribe to HustleFightingOpera's YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

This site will share more links as soon as they are uploaded!

Source:  HustleFightingOpera

All videos on YouTube are owned by HUSTLE Entertainment.

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