Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Former U-Kiss Member Alexander Releases His First Solo Album, "I Just"

Former U-Kiss Member Alexander released his first solo album called, "I Just." The album was co-produced by Rphabet and e.one. The digital album highlights Alexander's cute and loveable appeal. The album also includes a collaboration with M.I.B., San-E, and Outsider, which raises a lot of interests.
His title song, "I Just" is an R&B track with an Asian melody, where Alexander confesses his love for a lady. "Oh! Baby" is an upbeat dance track with a powerful melody and rap. "Bad Girl" is sung in English and has a nice R&B feel combined with a hint of Pop.

You can sample his tracks by clicking HERE.

In related news, Alexander had a successful solo showcase in Japan and Malaysia 700 fans and 100 industry officials attended "Alexander Showcase Live 2011" on December 9, 2012.

Alexander's talents far exceeded the expectations of all spectators, so much that he raised a lot of intrugue in any drama or variety skills he may possess as well.

On December 17, Alexander arrived in Malaysia to perform "Bad Girl" and "That Man" in NTV7's "Star Live Concert." Then, he had another showcase in front of 1,500 fans. Alexander performed his title track, "I Just," in addition to "Oh! Baby," and "Bad Girl."

Representatives from Malaysia thinks Alexander has the potential to be successful because of his numerous charms and ability to speak different languages.

Author's Comment:  I remember Alexander when he was in U-Kiss, so I felt sorry for him when he was removed from the group. His solo career does have potential to his already existing fan base and others who enjoy hip-hop and R&B. Keep an eye out for his future activities and show him your support.

Source:  leesa86 via allkpop
              VITALSIGN via allkpop

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