Saturday, March 19, 2016

S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee Review

In just a month after Bruce Lee was included in the Figma line, Tamashii Nations debuted their very own figure in the S.H. Figuarts line. The difference between the two figures is certainly evident.

Bruce Lee

S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee looks great, especially in the choice of flat based colors. Bruce Lee’s skin tone, hair and eye color, and apparel brings a great sense of accuracy, and crosses the bounds of appearing a bit life-like.

Bruce Lee sports black pants and shoes, similar to “Way of the Dragon,” “Fist of Fury,” and other great films. The apparel is mostly comprised of hard plastic, but some bits of Bruce’s pants are made out of flexible material to maximize his legs’ range of motion.

The detailing of the upper torso and head is fantastic. Some points of Bruce Lee’s body, particularly the chest, abdominal region, and arms were split into segments. These measures were taken to allow great range of motion in Bruce’s arms, shoulders, waist, and abdominal region.


S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee comes with:

- Interchangeable hand parts (9)
- Interchangeable face parts (3)
- Short Cudgel (2)
- Long Cudgel
- Nunchaku

All of the accessories go great with Bruce and they are easy to swap. However, there is at least one flaw to the design. One set of hands, that has the fingers extended and thumbs curled, cannot hold the Nunchaku exactly as seen in Bruce’s films. Instead, customers must settle for a clenched fist, which gets the job done, but still feels lackluster.

Another disappointing aspect is the lack of a flight stand that is needed in order to pose Bruce Lee when he is doing a flying side kick. Collectors need to buy their own flight stand (Tamashii Stage Act IV) to execute any type of midair pose.


Bruce Lee's Height

Size Comparison


There are a few details to nitpick about, specifically Bruce Lee not being able to hold the pair of nunchaku in the air with his fingers extended and a Tamashii Stage Act IV stand isn’t included in this set. However, the figure is still awesome nonetheless. The choice of material, paint, detailing liberties, and articulated liberties are outstanding. S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee is a great addition to a fan’s collection.

Extra Photos

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